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The home shapes itself to its occupants, like a dress to its wearer. It follows their tastes, reflects their needs and captures and absorbs forms, habits, and desires. Not a background but a space for living and enjoying, the home reflects one’s identity. The Presotto Italia furniture company interprets new bedroom trends with furnishing solutions that are distinguished by design and by a wide range of choices, various styles and original materials that count and furnish, tasteful details that beautify the home and diffuse a really personal style.  A Presotto Italia Plana bed speaks of its occupants.

Plana Bed by Presotto

For example, the Zero Bed is born from the combination of two pure shapes: the circle and the square. The square, from ancient times, has always symbolized the sky and harmony. It is a line of movement that finishes in itself and has a beginning and an end. It is perfection and can represent time: a continuous sequence of instants, all identical to each other, a continuous becoming like night and day. The square, the symbol of the earth, in opposition to the sky, is the anthitesis of trascendency and expresses stability. The combination of these two shapes makes zero a balanced and important item, transmits the idea of movement and evokes the earth and sky.

Zero Bed by Presotto

Platform beds are the much healthier, far more attractive version yet possibly the trend equivalent of the 1970s waterbed. In fact today’s platform beds are outright artful when originating from certain design firms. Furniture designers are turning them into self-sufficient islands, bachelor-ready suites, floating squares, and textured clouds. Beds like these by Presotto, a modular furniture design firm, offers innumerable combinations of texture, style, and color. The firm uses leather or wood, curvilinear or rectangular headboards, floating squares, or massive furniture pieces that seem self-sufficient with night tables and couch-like platforms.

Presotto Italia continues to lead and innovate though its many collaborations with designers like Claudio Lovadina, Simone Micheli, Marco Piva and Toyo Ito, just to name a few. The Inside Collection is one collection that proves Presotto will maintain its position with its high quality and  ability to customize and make the requests of its customers come to life.

Presotto Inside Collection

The Inside collection includes nightstands, chest and dresser, all with soft closing mechanism and handles that are recessed into the structure. The Inside collection can be made in two finishes that can consist of any of the 32 matt lacquer colors and the central insert can be done in the same colors or dark oak, wanut, tobacco and neutral oak, as well as 7 suede, 18 leather, 4 vintage and 3 crocodile leather colors.

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